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New Innovations from The Pioneer of Innovations.

Based on the philosophy taht people from all segments of society deserve good things without discrimination, and that hard work based on determination and knowledge will definetely achieve success, our company, whose foundations were laid in 1992, Shows the respect, loyalty and dication it shows to its employees, customers, suppliers and all the institutions and people it is in relationship with. Thanks to this, it has come to this day.

Our team, which does not deviate from teamwork with the knowledged gained in the light of more than thirty years of experience in the wire-fence industry, has increased its qualified staff and capacity without losing momentum in the time period since ts establishment and today, it became a facility with production capacity of 1.400.00 m2 of panel fence, 1.000.000 meters of Pirana, Mızraklı, Yarasa and Double Pirana Panel Fence, 6.500.000 meters straight line strength Pirana, Yarasa, Mızraklı, 750.000 m2 Mesh Wire, 200.000 m2 Bi’Çim Fence and 200.000 m2 Perde Panel.

Birlik Tel, which has undeertaken many big projects by adhering to the deadlines, from design to delivery and installation, has become a reliable and sought-after brand in Turkey and in the World.

Our goal; to be one of the world’s leading fence manufacturers by expanding our competent and creative staff who have internalized the importance of information and technology and continuing our investments, without compromising the ‘’Human First’’ philosophy, company reliability and product quality.

We wish; the successes and experiences we have achieved so far will guide us in achieving our goals.

Production And Shipment

Raw sheet metal, profile, wire and PVC tapes, which come to our track equipped with state-of-the-art machines, are turned into fences after going through many processes and are ready for shipment.

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